Web + Brand Design

Perfect For...

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New-ish Businesses

Your business is on the new side but not brand spankin' new. You have a clear idea of what your business offers, who your people are and what they want.

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DIY Graduates

You're tired of doing everything on your own. Leave it to us to not only make your web presence beautiful, but perform for the web.

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Ready to Scale

You're ready to take it to the next level and you need a website that can keep up.

What's Included

Discovery & Strategy

Every project begins with the discovery and strategy. We take a deep dive into what makes your business the ideal choice for your target customers and clients.

We take the jumble in your head and iron it out with a clear vision. The result is a clear brand roadmap - yours to keep for years to come.

Logo Suite

You get more than "just a logo" with us.

  • Primary logo
  • Alternate logo
  • Submark
  • Favicon
  • Visual Identity

    The supporting elements of your brand's visual identity.

  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Textures
  • Pattern

  • We wrap it all together within a brand guide.

    Custom & Responsive Web Design

    Your website includes six pages customized with your new brand.

  • WordPress or Squarespace
  • Home page
  • 5 internal pages
  • SEO best practices
  • Responsive design
  • 1:1 Website & Brand Training

    We're not the set it and forget it type. We will walk you through the backend of your new website and teach you the in’s and out’s of how it works so your feel confident managing it on your own.

    Package Add Ons

    One size never fits all. We offer a suite of add-ons to suit every budget and need:

  • Copywriting services
  • Ecommerce
  • Integrations
  • More...
  • Web + Brand Design Clients

    Daniel Real Estate & Marketing

    A dreamy brand + website for a new luxury real estate business

    Van Surf & Skate Expo

    A modern brand spin on a classic local favorite

    Can't wait weeks for a website or brand?

    We offer daylong intensives that get your brand up and running in a single work day.

    Trust the Process

    It’s scary to give the reigns to someone else. but here’s what we do to guide you through the design process and keep you in control.


    While my team and I are the ones technically doing the work, you are a huge part of the process. This is your vision first and foremost. You very much lead the decision process.


    Trust is huge. Not only that you trust us but know we appreciated you for it. And we do that by communicating every step of the way. Your project is clearly defined with milestones and timelines to keep the process on track.


    I spent years working at premier resorts with the Walt Disney Company and Ritz Carlton. Why do I tell you this? Because the dozens of hours of customer service training there has directly shaped the way I treat my clients here. 

    “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

    — Robert L. Peters, designer and author

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We specialize in WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify websites. If you’re unsure which platform you want to use, we’ll determine which platform is ideal during the discovery process.

    Hosting is charged separately. We do this because we encourage you to be the sole owner of your own website. If you want to keep Shore to Summit on to assist with maintenance, we can discuss an appropriate maintenance plan.

    You will be given a project guide prior to beginning your website. This will cover everything we require to get started. In the event you can’t complete the checklist, we will work through the roadblock together.

    You bet we can speak corporate. We’ll leverage circles around your competition. We’ll grasp for that low-hanging fruit using some blue-sky thinking.

    Like most we started in corporate and to be honest, we sometimes miss the clean-cut way they do things. We’ll gladly develop a professional corporate campaign that even Don Draper would be proud of. But the process won’t be. We’ll maintain our signature cool and classy client style with you for a delightful and memorable process.

    Let's start telling your story.