+ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts on July 22nd. This is a dripped course meaning each Monday you get access to that week's module. We do this because each module is sequential building on concepts and strategies learned in the previous week's lesson. It also helps prevent overwhelm to keep you ontrack for success. As for when the course ends, you have access for life so in a way it never really does!

+ How long does it take to complete the course?

Honestly, it will depend. The course is designed to take 8 weeks from start to completion by spending about 5 hours a week. However, the course is entirely self-directed and you have access for life. If you take longer than 8 weeks to complete the course, it's perfectly fine. We'll be with you every step of the way.

+ What's the time commitment?

We suggest setting aside around 5 hours a week, ideally 1 hour a day during the working week. Everything in the course is designed to keep your mind on your business and give you actionable marketing steps to apply right away.

+ Is there teacher access during the course?

This is an online course with full email support from me. Any and all questions during the duration of the course are answered via email or the knowledge base.

+ Do I need to purchase anything else?

In the course, I’ll show you tutorials with the exact programs and resources (CRM, file storage, project management system, marketing templates, etc.) that I use with my real estate clients and recommend. Some of these are paid, some are free.

You can by all means complete the course without purchasing anything additional, though you might just find that a few of these additional systems really are worth the money to make your marketing run on autopilot and that you’d like to invest in them.

+ I'm not very good with technology. How "techie" do I need to be for this course?

It's never too late to begin learning tech. Much of what I learned in tech was all self-taught after I graduated from University. All that's required for this course is a willingness to learn. This is a supported course with a knowledge base to walk you through any issues you might have as well as email support from us.


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