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Group Coaching


A private coaching experience that will completely transform the way you market to your community.

Let us know if this sounds like you…

You’re a real estate professional who’s pounding the pavement and engaging in your community.

You see yourself as a customer-focused service provide, not a used-car salesman.

You see how rapidly the real estate industry is changing and you’re ready to evolve along with it.

All you have to do is say “yes” to the adventure. We’ll help you create a web presence that has clients door knocking to work with You.

In this 8-month Group Coaching experience. We'll lay a strong foundation for a digital marketing strategy that sustains you.

By the end of our time together, you will:

  • Have a solid web presence that feeds you pipeline

  • Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy that’s manageable, profitable and sustainable

  • Understand how all the bits and pieces of digital marketing work together to build your online presence

  • Push past the overwhelm of not knowing where to focus your marketing efforts by piecing together your personal strategy

  • Save time & money on marketing - no more wasted dollars on marketing campaigns that don’t work

  • Be able to reach customers and clients with confidence. And without feeling gross and salesy

  • Learn how to make best use of the tools you already have at your disposal for a delightful customer experience

  • Get some hard data on how to monetize your marketing & see a positive ROI on those marketing dollars spent

  • Learn how to stay consistently motivated to take action on your goals