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Helping small businesses has always been our bread 🍞 and butter 🧈 . It’s our happy place. This world was built on the backs of small businesses and we believe they are the key to its future. Even the largest mega-corporations in the market got their start in basements and coffee shops as small businesses.

But there’s one thing that many small businesses lack: systems & processes.

Systems are a method, procedure or otherwise repeatable course of action designed to achieve a specific result. A system can be as simple as a checklist or as complex as something requiring expensive software, such as using SalesForce or HubSpot to track sales. The key to system is that it’s an organized sequence of tasks, that’s recorded and repeatable.

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” Systems allow you to do exactly that. Not to mention they ensure everyone involved in your business knows what’s going on, what to execute, how to execute and what to do should an issue arise.

How do you know if your small business needs more systems and processes? If you have to ask, then the answer is likely that you need a system or two.

This issue of The Elevated Edition is dedicated to small business systems and processes. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tools, courses, and services, many of which we’ve used in our own business and have seen them work wonders! Our goal is to help you put together your business toolkit to help support your business and make sure it runs smoothly.

P.S. We don’t take it lightly when we say we fully endorse these resources. Some of these links are affiliate referrals which means that by recommending products we use and love, we receive a small commission in the event that you purchase or sign up. This comes at no extra cost to you (it actually gets you an exclusive discount in most cases) and helps support the creation of the free content that goes into this site. All affiliate referrals are marked with an **

WATCH: Dr. Tamer Shahin explains how systems and processes work together to create the building blocks we all need for business success  >>

OUR PICK: The Zooks of Wandering Aimfully have been our small business coach for a year now and I can’t recommend them enough**  >>

READ: Digital marketing and systems guru, Neil Patel, explains how to work smarter, not harder in your business >>

ACT: Entrepreneurs face decision fatigue daily. Here’s how to put systems in place to help ease the burden >>


THE PERFECT WORKSPACE (ACCORDING TO SCIENCE): High ceilings, lots of colors, and round furniture. And plants. Don’t forget the plants.  >>

OUR PICK: A workshop for entrepreneurs and creatives who are bogged down by inbox anxiety >>

TOOLS: The ultimate list of small business software and tools >>

⚡️DELETE: What can you eliminate from the system because the tasks, tools, people, or strategies are time-consuming, unnecessary, redundant, no longer relevant, or no longer productive?

⚡️DEFER: Which aspects of the system could be helpful but don’t really need to be part of the system right now?

⚡️AUTOMATE: What tasks can you automate using software, apps, or other tools? Is it time to upgrade from free tools to paid tools so you can access more features? Do you have two tools completing tasks that can be done by one tool instead? 

⚡️DELEGATE: What tasks are not the best use of your time, energy, skills, or expertise? What tasks frustrate you? What tasks do you dislike doing? These are often the tasks that you should be delegating or outsourcing to others. 

⚡️CONSOLIDATE: Given all the tasks left, is it possible to consolidate or batch them so you can knock them out one after the other, faster?

Project Management

OUR PICK: After testing MANY systems, we settles on Notion for most of our project management needs  >>

FREE: Asana is a long-time favorite tool for project management with a robust free version >>

SCALE: Easily build, run, and scale your dream workflows on one platform. Team plans start at $24/month >>


OUR PICK: We trust Bench to handle our finances. This is the first time we’ve worked with an accountant and Bench has made the process easy**  >>

IMPACT COMPANY: Swell Advisors is a husband and wife bookkeeping team with a passion for social impact organizations, B Corps, nonprofits, and brands that champion the environment  >>

TOOL: Drop all your expense receipts in one spot and send it to your accountant. Submit, approve, and reimburse expense reports in just one click >>


Improve Your B Corp Assessment Score in Governance


How does your company support internal management and good governance?

— Formally organize and chart the management and reporting structure of the company

— Write out job descriptions for all employees outlining responsibilities and decision-making authority

— Conduct regular management team meetings to plan strategy or make operational decisions


OUR PICK: Gusto makes employee payroll easy. From onboarding to HR, they demystify the entire process and is our go-to**  >>

TIPS: 6 useful tips for effective team management in 2021 >>

ACT: Is your remote team losing motivation? Get work done in the cave with daily facilitated deep work sessions >>

Dive Deeper

Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business

Russ Stoddard
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Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek
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Profit First

Mike Michalowicz
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