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The Diversity Issue

Diversity is a word we heard a lot in 2020 and will hopefully continue to be a common theme in the workplace and beyond.

Growing up as a white, cisgender, able-bodied, straight woman in a upper-middle class setting I never experienced any sort of true discrimination — aside from being kicked out of a few “boys only” tree forts. It wasn’t until entering the workforce that my awareness of diversity and inclusion took shape.

Diversity is complex. It touches every area of human nature. Race, gender, upbringing, language, life experience, identity, skills, age — just to name a few. But there’s one thing about diversity that research consistently points to: diverse teams make better teams.

Studies consistently find that inclusive teams:

  • Make better business decisions over 85% of the time
  • Make decisions twice as fast and with half the meetings
  • Deliver 60% better results

Francesca Gino, a Harvard Business School professor explains why.

“Our decisions get sidetracked by biases is now well established. While it is hard to change how our brains are wired, it’s possible to change the context of decisions by architecting the composition of decision-making teams for more diverse perspectives.”

Diverse inclusion isn’t about checking a box for the HR department or being politically correct. It’s about making better business choices and increasing profit.

The first part of this edition looks at diversity and how it relates specifically to the workplace. Then we touch specifically on a couple of the many spectrums of diversity.

GUIDE: Making too many wrong hires? Bias may be to blame. Check out VidCruiter’s comprehensive guide about hiring bias and actions companies can take to further diversify their hiring  >>

READ: Studies have shown that inclusive (not just diverse) teams make better business decisions  >>

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WATCH: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion >>

WATCH: Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World. An economist, social theorist, philosopher and photographer, Sowell’s work is consistently met with positive reception across political lines & diverse disciplines. Among these, he has been noted for originality, great depth and breadth, clarity of expression, and thoroughness of research.  >>

Race & Ethnicity

B LAB: Anti-Racism Business Resource – examples and steps to drive real change  >>

VISIT: National Museum of African America History & Culture – Washington D.C. >>

READ: Dismantling white supremacy culture in the workplace >>

LIST: Support Black-Owned Businesses — Website Planet has compiled a list of 181 Black-owned businesses across the United States in many different categories  >>

MEET: Since 1973, the National Brotherhood of Skiers has gathered Black snow-sports enthusiasts for a week of on-mountain revelry — and redefined who belongs on the slopes in the process  >>

WATCH: A diverse workspace is only the first step. But how do you treat your hires once they’ve arrived? Paloma Medina, a DEI trainer, covers this topic in her TED Talk >>

VISIT: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice >>


Improve Your B Corp Assessment Score in Diversity

Include a non-discrimination policy in your employee handbook


DEBATE: Are you ready to slow down at work and retire? We didn’t think so  >>

READ: Discrimination against older workers may be common but hard to prove >>

READ: Let’s end ageism >>

MEET: 85-year-old marathoner is so fast that even scientists marvel  >>

LEARN: Hiring tips for a multigenerational workforce – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z >>

MEET: Japan’s ‘ama’ grandmas cling to freediving fishing tradition >>

Gender, Identity & Expression

DEBATE: Does gender diversity really make a company more productive? Some say yes, others say its not that simple  >>

LEARN: Redefining gender at work – how companies are evolving >>

ACT: For women who have big ideas, we’re here to help make them happen. >>

ACT: National resources for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs >>

READ: Two percent of venture capital goes to female founders. That’s bad for the economy, bad for business, and bad for men

MEET: Where are the women? Do we still have to ask where we are with gender equity on Wall Street? Let’s take stock >>

Background & Upbringing

DEBATE: Creating space for religious diversity at work  >>

READ: 5 benefits of hiring people from diverse backgrounds >>

HIRE: The many pros and fewer-than-expected cons of hiring ex-cons >>


READ: The truth about employees with disabilities in the workplace  >>

LEARN: Why people hide their disabilities at work >>

READ: A disability history of the United States >>

Dive Deeper

Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking

Matthew Syed
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We Can’t Talk about That at Work!

Mary-Frances Winters
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Unconscious Bias Journal

Claire & Ralph Moody
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No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement

Joseph P. Shapiro
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American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear

Khaled A. Beydoun
Buy Online

This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

Ashton Applewhite
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