Mastering your mindset to figure out what’s really holding you back and then removing those blocks

  • Getting clarity around your calling and creating a vision of how it meaningfully impacts the world

  • Getting Organized and creating personal practices to keep you motivated, focused, and aligned with your big picture goals

  • Money: number-crunching, what to charge, and how to get clients

  • Making space in your schedule for your purposeful work (even if you have a day job)

  • Creating personal productivity rituals to make sure your priorities get done

  • How to be of service and figure out who your ideal clients are and what to offer them 

  • Branding and building confidence on how to talk about yourself and what you do (in web copy, on social media, when networking)

  • Designing your life intentionally so that your business nourishes not only the people you serve, but your soul and your finances, too!