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My Favorite Real Estate CRM - Wise Agent
real estate crm wise agent

Everyone has their own way of organizing contacts.

For some, it’s a detailed spreadsheet. For others, it’s a shoebox filled to the brim with business cards and phone numbers written on cocktail napkins.

But if there’s only one tool you invest in for your real estate business this year, let a CRM system be it.

A CRM system is an invaluable tool that keeps you on track and productive with all those leads on your call list.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

A powerful CRM will be an extra set of hands for just about anywhere in the business you interact with customers. It records and tracks leads, automates drip campaigns, books appointments, delivers email communications, files contracts and much, much more.

At its core, a CRM system is a tool for productivity.

Being a productive agent can spell the difference between working every day of the week and actually getting to take weekends with your family. It’s the difference between schlepping around less than stellar customers and functioning like a million dollar agent.

Why Should I Even Bother to Use a CRM?

For productivity’s sake is just a start.

A CRM system alleviates hours of headaches and wasted energy by keeping everything organized. How many times have you found yourself scraping through months of emails trying to find a single piece of information? Or you called up a customer and completely blank on where your conversation left off?

CRM’s aggregate everything you know about your customer into one spot for your convenience.

Other CRM benefits include:

  • Increased organization

  • Automated lead nurturing systems

  • Improved close rates

  • Improved lead management & customer satisfaction

  • Better team & internal communication

  • Optimized, targeted marketing

  • Detailed customer insights

  • Increase in revenue

CRM systems help real estate agents do everything from closing deals to improving structure among their teams. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be reaping its benefits.

Why I Recommend Wise Agent to my Real Estate Agents

There are many great CRM options out there to choose from. Some real estate specific and others geared toward small businesses and entrepreneurs in general. But the one I find myself recommending to my clients most is Wise Agent.

There’s a reason Wise Agent continues to be voted the top CRM system for real estate agents year after year. Its robust, easy-to-use and affordable system makes for a powerful platform that has everything you need and none of what you don’t.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we and jump right into my favorite features inside this one-stop, client-wooing toolbox.

It’s Real Estate Specific

The list of CRM systems in the space today is longer than my arm. What I like about Wise Agent is that it’s specific to the real estate industry.

There are fields within each contact for you to fill in that make it intuitive to nurture clients. For example, you can add the names and birthdays of not only the lead but of their children and their pets. It’s remembering simple bits of information like this that will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Frustration when setting up a new CRM system is a leading reason behind why many agents fail to use a CRM in the first place. But because Wise Agent is primed for real estate use, the majority of set up is done for you. All you need to do is add in those contacts.

Drag & Drop Marketing

Drip campaigns, landing pages, newsletter, print & email flyers - it’s all there.

The amount of marketing included in Wise Agent is astonishing. Any one of these marketing tools alone is worth the price of Wise Agent’s platform, but they give you all of them and much more.

Task List

The task list is a simple but powerful feature.

With the task list, every step you need to take with a lead or customer can be itemized from start to finish - ideal for those of you who like to check your way through a daily to-do list.

A task list gets assigned to a contact and Wise Agent adds each item as a to-do for that contact. So you and your team will know exactly what task to perform with each contact and when.

Drip Campaigns

Tech tools, drip campaigns and automation. These are a few of my favorite things.

Drip campaigns are a dynamic way to nurture leads with minimal effort on your part. Once you set up your campaign, you simply let it run and work its magic.

Now, setting up drip campaigns is another story. They take forever to create and optimize, right? Not with Wise Agent.

Wise Agent comes with over 20 drip campaigns already built in. From short sales to expired listings, they already have campaigns set. All you need to do is customize them for your messaging and personal preferences.

SMS Texting

Wise Agent’s text messaging ability is a game changer.

They’ve added the ability to send automated text messages to leads automatically and immediately upon receiving one. Or you can use it to send a mass bulk text and even send videos in your text messages.

Affordable Pricing

At only $29 a month, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to invest in Wise Agent’s CRM system. Seriously, absolutely none.

This is one of those tools that is worth giving up your Starbucks habit for if that’s what it takes.

Not only do you get their entire toolset, but four members of your team do as well as you can have up to five team members on one account. Each with their own username and login.

Where Wise Agent really out does themselves is with their white-glove service. It is bar none. When you call them, you get a friendly customer-service representative on the line ready to walk you through your problem, no matter what the problem may be.

If you haven’t invested in a CRM system yet, or if you tried a different CRM in the past, I HIGHLY recommend giving Wise Agent a go. I barely scratched the surface of what their platform can accomplish in this article and encourage you to give them a look for yourself.

You can sign up for a risk-free, no contract trial over on their website.