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BTS: What's New at Shore to Summit | Q3 2019
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Last quarter, we started a behind-the-scenes series covering what’s new at Shore to Summit, what projects we’re focusing on now and what we have in the works. This is the second installment in that series and we’re thrilled to share nothing but good news with you today.

This past quarter proved to be an insane one behind the veil with loads of restructuring taking place to fine tune the the cogs in the machine that make this business run. We were fortunate in April to be accepted into a local accelerator program working alongside other entrepreneurs and business owners to hone our mission, vision and processes.

And it has kicked our butt. 

We’ve been forced to sit down and analyze each piece of the business. We spent hours talking to industry leaders, customers, and pitching to rooms of investors. We paired up with some genius mentors who have us seeing things a little differently and that’s caused us to pivot the initial focus of our offerings. 

We’re proud to say it has put us in a concrete spot.

A lot has changed over the past quarter for Shore to Summit, but that’s the nature of a business in its fledgling years - a truth that I know resonates with many of you.

The primary years of any business are a roller coaster of pivots, changes, peaks & valleys. For those of you experiencing the same thing right now, our biggest word of advice is to get a mentor or two. Don’t take this journey alone.

Being an ally for real estate agents was our whole goal in starting Shore to Summit and the changes we’ve made for the coming quarter are a reflection of that.

We have a lot to share with you today so let’s get right into it.

New Real Estate Marketing Service Offerings

This is the biggest change coming to Shore to Summit.

Starting today, we’re offering a whole slew of revamped, affordable marketing service packages.

It will be another month or two before everything is fully ready but the process of building new real estate marketing packages based on our six pillar philosophy is almost complete.

The new line of real estate service packages is designed to plug the holes in your digital marketing and build a cohesive online web presence that works on your behalf.

New real estate service packages include:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Ad management

  • Email newsletter & campaign creation

  • Custom & templated web design

  • Content creation & copywriting services

  • Social media growth

  • Brand development

We’re still working out the details for some of these packages but will release each package to the website as they wrap.

If you can’t wait that long and need a service now, inquire about our services here and we’ll get you rolling.

A New Real Estate-Centric Facebook Group: Real Estate Techies

Starting a Facebook Group has been on the top of our list for many months now, but became one of those things we just kept pushing off.

Then at the end of May we attended RAPB + GFLR’s inaugural TechCon event and knew it was something we couldn’t push off any longer.

The result: Real Estate Techies.

Real Estate Techies is a Facebook Group dedicated to the evolving tech trends in real estate. This is where we will be sharing important tech trend updates we think you should be aware of as well as online tools we think will make your life a little easier.

The Real Estate Marketing Blueprint Workshop

Last announcement on the list for this quarter is the Real Estate Marketing Blueprint Workshop.

In May we led a live Real Estate Marketing Blueprint Workshop via online webinar. Not all of you could make it so we decided to release the workshop again, this time for you to watch at a time that’s convenient for you.


There you go. That pretty much sums up what to look forward to for Q3.

We’re excited to begin implementing these updates starting today and getting back to working directly with our agents.

In the meantime stay up to date with what’s happening around Shore to Summit by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

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BTS: What's New at Shore to Summit | Q2 2019
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Am I going crazy here or is the fact that we’re already half way through spring a bit weird?

I don’t know where the time has gone but it has officially been a year since we launched Shore to Summit and this past year has been nothing short of a total transformational process. I guess that’s just the way it goes when launching a brand new business.

It’s because of the craziness of this past year we’ve decided to sit down at the start of each quarter to relay the quarter’s report. Here’s where we’ll give the complete lowdown on what’s going on in the Shore to Summit world. It’s our chance to pull back the sheet on our business and reveal evolutions in the company, what’s slated for the future, upcoming workshops, events and all other manner of announcements.

Sound good to you?

Great because we’re excited to bring you the goods.

Starting with…


It’s here! We’re stoking the fires and getting ready to launch our signature marketing course!

Conceptualizing, creating and now launching the Modern Agent Mastermind has been such a labor of love.

The idea for this course popped into our heads simultaneously with the formation of the business last year. We knew it would become a core piece of our mission but we had to get all the logistics of the business down first.

After a year of learning, engaging, testing and creating, we can confidently say we’re ready to flip the switch on our program and make it real.

We’re proud to announce the Modern Agent Mastermind!

On July 22, 2019, our signature real estate marketing course will be going live with its first group of students. The course will focus on six pillars of marketing and how they work together to promote your business and capture those online leads.

Even though the course doesn’t launch for another three months, you can get in on the action sooner rather than later. Over the coming weeks, we will be launching workshops, promotions, and live trainings in celebration of our course going live in July.

All you have to do is sign up HERE to be notified of all upcoming promotions.


Our first live webinar is coming up next week and we’ll be dropping the announcement “officially” within the week.

In The Marketing Blueprint Workshop I’ll be teaching:

  • Why you can't afford to ignore the power of the Internet anymore as a powerful tool to amplify your real world presence

  • What to do to find your own free, qualified real estate leads online without having to rely on your broker or a third-party lead generator

  • How to capture those leads even if you don't consider yourself "techie"

  • How to harness your personality to attract and build relationships with customers...even if you're an introvert

  • The critical steps you need to take to beat marketing overwhelm and create a marketing strategy that's profitable, manageable & sustainable

This is a FREE workshop and you can register starting now. Just click the link and follow the registration process.



Everything we do is driven by you.


Email us at and let us know your biggest marketing struggles.


Due to the intensive nature of building this course, services will be limited from now through the end of July.

This is not to say we’re closing up shop on services. Oh contraire. We’re still taking on a select few service clients. If interested, inquire at and we’ll check on availability.

For those of you who’ve been here since day 1, we thank you for championing our cause when it was nothing more than an idea. You’ve been our cheerleaders and inspiration since the beginning and we truly can’t thank you enough for it. We’re looking forward to this season and can’t wait to bring you this course.

We’ll talk soon!

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