5 Reasons Why Realtors Need Digital Marketing

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It’s safe to say technology has changed the way we perceive the world. Even crazier is how quickly it all happened. Its only been a decade since the release of the iPhone yet it’s hard to imagine life without our little pocket computers.

From our personal lives to the professional, the way things are done has changed. Everything is now available for delivery, at any time, right to your doorstep - including real estate leads.

The National Association of Realtors reports that 95% of home buyers look online during the home buying process. That number is up to 99% for Millennials. In fact, the average home buyer consults the Internet to become informed in the home buying process before ever reaching out to an agent.

While a large number of agents see this as a threat, I see nothing but opportunity and dollar signs. For the first time in the history of man, you know exactly where your qualified audience is (online) and what it is they’re looking for (home buying information). All you need to do is connect the dots and you’ll have ready buyers at your fingertips.

You’re probably wondering, “That’s fine and dandy, but how exactly do I connect the dots?” This is the part that trips up most agents. Whether it’s because of intimidation, poor support & training or any other number of reasons, I’ve see smart, capable agents give up before they even begin.

I’m not going to let that happen to you. We’re not only going to walk through five big benefits of digital marketing, but what you can do to take advantage of them.

Save Time & Money

Digital marketing is a time and money saver. Where offline marketing efforts fall short in terms of being cost-effective, the online world more than makes up for. Digital marketing offers a solution for every budget, with most solutions costing you nothing. Not only that, It’s easy to test solutions and tailor your strategy according to your budget for ease in scalability.

Digital marketing also saves on time. Once the groundwork of you strategy is built, it’s very much a set-it and forget-it system. Just push play and monitor your campaign for success.

A traditional mailer is seen one time and often immediately thrown away, but Facebook and other social media ads can be easily duplicated for quick setup and then adjusted for peak performance, as every digital marketing campaign plays into the other. Furthermore, the more you experiment with campaigns, the more your marketing platforms learn about what’s working and what’s not through machine learning and will quickly learn to automate for optimum ad performance on their own.

Stand Out From the Competition

Your headshot on a listing sign is just that - your headshot on a listing sign. It means nothing to most people.

Now there’s nothing wrong with it, in fact it’s one more chance to have your face out there. It’s just that this is the first time someone is seeing your face is in the first place. There’s no real connection there.

Now compare that to real estate agent Alain. Alain is a head chef for a local restaurant by night and sells real estate on the side. While real estate is his side-hustle, it’s food he’s truly passionate about and what he prominently features on his Instagram, along with interior kitchen styles and local food haunts. He’s using what he knows and loves to focus in his marketing efforts, make them manageable and simply downright fun to produce.

Even more-so, he’s getting listing appointments because of it. He’s built a personal brand people people connect with and want to work with.

Tap Into New Audiences

How many people do you interact with face-to-face in an average day? Twenty? Maybe thirty? Now how many of those interactions are with someone new? Do you then jump right into talking about business? Probably not.

Getting out there, going to networking events, door-knocking and meeting new people drastically raises your average daily social interactions, which directly raises your chance of meeting someone who needs you services. Yet, you’re only human.

There’s only one of you and you have a very limited cap of how many people you can meet in a day.

Digital marketing nullifies this factor. A sentence spoke out-loud in a conversation is lost with the memory of the person you spoke it to. But a sentence typed into the recesses of the Internet never goes away. In fact, it compounds.

The average American spends 11 hours a day consuming media. That’s 11 hours of opportunity for you to craft a message that reaches that one person. That same message will play on repeat to continually reach out to not only that same person, but will play to thousands of other homogenous audiences.

You can only reach so many people personally in one day. Digital marketing is the megaphone you need to be heard.


If you’re a fan of numbers or a stickler for reports, then pay attention. A huge pro digital marketing has over more traditional sales tactics is the ability to track and analyze just about everything.

There isn’t a piece of technology on the market today that doesn’t have some form of tracking and most reports are downright detailed. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are powerful tools you can integrate into your website that let you see exactly who your customer is, where they come from, how they move through your marketing systems and what’s leading - or not leading - to conversions.

It’s a treasure trove of information right in the palm of your hands that shows you the big picture and trends to measure for success.

Technology Moves Fast - Don’t Get Left Behind

Everything is going digital. Those who don’t keep up will get left behind. It’s up to no one else but you to keep up.

I know that comes off as a bit scary. That’s not my intent. My intent is that you understand the gravity of the situation. By refusing to keep up with the norm of how things are done, you’re placing your commission check on a silver platter for someone else.

This doesn’t mean you have to become some sort of IT pro. That’s silly talk. You just have to keep up.

A lot of agents fear technology and the news is quick to capitalize on headlines about how to robots are taking over. This isn’t Terminator. Hell, this isn’t even Wall-e. Technology should be something you embrace.

We’ve made technology out to be this big, scary thing that only geniuses with computer hacking skills can understand. Nothing is further from the truth. At it’s essence, technology is the advancement of human tools and ingenuity. The Dictionary defines it as, “the application of knowledge for practical purposes.”

The wheel is an example of technology. I think we can all agree the wheel is a good thing. So are the tools being developed for real estate agents. They exist to make your job easier, not harder.

Don’t let marketing and technology INTIMIDATE YOU.


Everything appears more difficult or painful when you’re first starting out.

It’s the newness of it all that’s scary and not knowing how to piece it all together can leave you paralyzed from moving forward. The truth is, once you have someone walking you through it all, it becomes second-nature.

That’s why we’re launching The Modern Agent Mastermind.

We don’t want to simply walk you through the pillars of digital marketing, but give you the templates, trainings and teachings you need for marketing success. With guided support, we’ll build a solid foundation from which to grow your digital brick and mortar. So if you’re a new to this whole thing, we’ll show you where to start. And if you’re ready for something a little more “advanced,” we can help you with that too.

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    Ashley Taylor

    Ashley is the co-founder and marketing + tech brain behind Shore to Summit - an education & marketing service platform for real estate professionals.