5 Fall Blog Ideas for Your Real Estate Content Strategy

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We’re into October, and there will be lots of content ideas coming with the holidays.

But what are some you can do now before the rush of November and December?

As with any content, you’ll need to find your inspiration! If you’re not excited to write about it, your clients won’t be excited to read it. Let them in on some of what you enjoy while giving them valuable content they can use.

5 Fall Blog Ideas for Your Real Estate Content Strategy

With that being said, here are some ideas.

Fall Activities Galore

Think pumpkin patches, festivals, haunted houses, and events going on in your area. Show off your neighborhood, and this will further reinforce your expertise in the community.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Millions of Americans watch football weekly and there are lots of angles to take with this. If you live in a city with a major football team you can go the route of local tailgates, and events going on around the stadium on game days. If your demographic is more catered toward families/ suburban life, talk about the local high school football teams. Lastly, everyone can talk about game day themed food recipes or tips to make your tailgate the most “touchdown-worthy” of them all (don’t be afraid to use puns, people secretly love them).

Get The Inside Scoop On Sales & Promotions

With the holidays and Black Friday looming, most businesses are pushing mega sales. Work with a local restaurant, store, or coffee shop to promote a sale or event they have coming up - then be there. Don’t forget to promote it. This will give you an edge over your competition and help you make a new connection in your neighborhood as well.

Celebrate Minor Holidays

October is National Adopt a Dog month, and that’s something a lot of Americans can connect with.  Promote a local animal shelter, and then post some pics of some super adorable pups… No one can resist that!  Here are some other minor holidays you can promote if pups aren’t your forte:

  • October 1 International Coffee Day

  • October 5 World Teacher’s Day

  • October 6 Mad Hatter Day

  • October 14 National Dessert Day

  • October 16 Boss’s Day

  • October 19 Evaluate Your Life Day

  • October 21 Count Your Buttons Day

  • October 27 Black Cat Day

  • October 28 National Chocolate Day

Tricks & Treats

Halloween is at the end of the month and there is a lot you can do surrounding that holiday.  You can move from fun facts, to costume ideas, best neighborhoods for trick or treating, to goofy pictures of peoples costume fails or wins, scary movies, and local festivals.

Of course these are just a few quick ideas! You can always make up your own, and I can’t emphasize the point that the best content is talking about what you care about. It will come through in your content and maybe teach your reader a thing or two.

Happy fall y’all

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