Content Strategy: 5 Best Places to Leaf Peep in Colorado

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We know full well how difficult it can be to come up with content for your real estate business. Which is why we’re here to give you a couple ideas!

Christina busted out this great little piece on 5 Best Places to Leaf Peep in Colorado.

So what is it exactly about this article makes it quality content? Well for starters, it’s relevant. The fall season is upon us, making this a trending topic with high traffic. Second, it’s specific. She doesn’t talk about US leaf peeping, but rather keeps it zoned in on her market. Third, it has beautiful imagery and well-placed links for added value.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for creating content in your market. Let us know what you sort of content you plan to create this fall!


5 Best Places to Leaf Peep in Colorado

One of the greatest parts of fall is the ability to see the leaves changing and all of the beautiful colors.  Just because I love them so much, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite secrets I’ve found over the last seven years with you (and your clients if you choose to share). Also, you can find some phenomenal deals on hotels in the mountains this time of year as it’s technically their off season.

 Peak Leaf Season “Predicted” Sept 15-28

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Where to Go


Golden Gate Canyon (West Golden)  

This is one of the closest places to Denver to see the leaves and there are tons of hikes in the area ranging from 2- 20+ miles along with beautiful drives.  One of my favorite places to go is Fraser Meadow with a moderate 4.5 mile round trip hike, and views that won't disappoint. I take a lot of people here from out of town and you can’t beat the yellows of the aspens. ($7 entry fee)

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West Magnolia Trails (Nederland) 

This trail is great for hiking, mountain biking, and easy 4 wheel trails (I made it in my Kia SUV) where you will be surrounded by leaves and just the colors and smells/ sights of fall in the mountains.  The trails range from 2 miles to over 20 but be sure to bring your map (All Trails/ MTB Project) as they are uber confusing once you get back there. After enjoy a hot cocoa or coffee on the streets of Nederland. “Super Secret”- They have 25 free camping sites (still debating if I should’ve shared that)


Guanella Pass (Grant - Georgetown)

This ones not as much of a secret but there’s a reason for it!  It’s gorgeous and you can drive the vast majority. This is about an hour out of town and I recommend driving from Grant to Georgetown.  Be patient with the people as it will probably be crowded if you go on a weekend so get out of the car, go on a hike, and just enjoy the scenery.  Don't forget to stop in the quaint town of Georgetown after for a coffee or local brew.  

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Independence Pass (Leadville- Aspen)

 I mean the town you drive out of is called Aspen so guess what you’re going to find… Aspenssssss!  This drive is a little further from the city but it is absolutely phenomenal. I recommend driving from Leadville to Aspen so you can spend some time in the town of Aspen after the ride and maybe go check out the maroon bells area. There are camping sites along the pass, hikes everywhere, gondola rides on the mountain, you literally can’t go wrong.  Hint: hotels are usually a little cheaper in Snowmass and it’s a beautiful area less than 20 minutes from downtown Aspen.

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Crested Butte 

This place is my absolute favorite.  Literally hundreds of miles of trails to hike, bike, drive, everywhere you look will be singing the colors of the mountains.  My favorite mountain bike trails are the Lupine Trails (easy), 401 Loop (Intermediate), and Doctors Park (Advanced). For driving, Kebler Pass can’t be beat with colors sweeping through the expansive valleys on either side of the pass and look on Groupon for hotel deals.


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There’s a whole world other world to explore in Colorado both in and outside of leaf peeping season.

But, don't take my word for it!  Get out there and see it for yourself!

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Christina Taylor

Christina is a co-founder and the real estate guru behind Shore to Summit - a marketing platform for real estate professionals. She lives in Edwards, CO, loves the mountains and teaches avalanche safety courses in her spare time.