4 BIG Myths About Marketing Your Real Estate Business Online

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Ahhh the Internet.

Opening doors to new marketing avenues since 1991.

That was almost 30 years ago. Yet, why does it seem like the real estate industry has taken so long to really jump on the bandwagon?

Sure, there are platforms by the dozens hawking online lead services and listing markets to realtors. Brokerages even give their agents their own web pages. However, none of the avenues presented to agents seem to pan out. Or if they do, they cost an arm and a leg to use.

4 Real Estate Marketing Myths Debunked

These marketing nuances have led to the formation of myths. These myths in turn hold agents back from achieving their true digital marketing potential. That's not okay with me. My goal as a marketer is to get the story of your real estate business out there for all the world to hear! 

We're going to debunk four of the most common myths I hear on a daily basis right here, right now. 


Digital marketing is for everyone and anyone who has something to say, share or sell - including your real estate business.

In fact, with a low barrier to entry, flexible budget spend, and a large, engaged audience you should actually be saying it's the PERFECT place to market!

Real estate is an exciting market with loads of lessons, tricks, and inspiration to share. Just look at shows like Million Dollar Listing and Love It or List It.  These shows prove that not only is real estate entertaining but in demand.

When you say things like, "digital marketing isn't for real estate, " what you're really saying here is, "I'm not meant for digital marketing," or "I have nothing exciting enough in my life to share."

Stop that negative talk right now! You have more than enough content in your life to share. Your personal business story is just as exciting as that of any influencer. You just may not know how to properly tell your story just yet or how to see content opportunity when it's staring you in the face.

Not to fret, we'll get you there.


Marketing doesn't have to take hours out of your day.

It's best to think of marketing in terms of small investments deposited daily that add up for big rewards. The key to making your digital marketing efforts manageable is to narrow down your efforts to the right channels and develop the right strategies around them.

You're doing yourself a disservice by trying to be everywhere, on everything, all the time. It's much easier and much more effective to focus your undivided attention on targeted, engaged audiences. Instead of trying to be on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and YouTube and Medium and whatever new app is popular at the moment, focus your attention intently on just two or three of those for a while. Go where your audience is most engaged and where it's most fun for you.

For example: Twitter is a difficult platform to master. While there are realtors out there rockin' Twitter, take comfort in knowing that's not the norm. This is because Twitter is a platform requiring high-levels of personal engagement with very frequent updates. It takes a certain personality and if that's not your personality, that's okay. Find the platforms you work with best and develop systems around engaging with them.


Good digital marketing takes time.

There's no way around this. Believe me, I've tried.

When I was working in agencies, I would create pieces of content in January that sometimes wouldn't take root organically until well into July. But once something took root watch out because digital marketing done well tends to have a beautiful snowball effect.

Your goal and mindset for marketing is to play the long game. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build a foundation that won't collapse in the ever-changing atmosphere that is digital marketing.

A web presence built with a solid strategy will remain impenetrable and effective despite algorithm changes, tech updates or evolving web applications.

Now this doesn't mean there aren't ways to boost your performance. A well-developed strategy will include these bootsts and is developed in a way that maintains the sudden spike in growth. But as for short-cutting your way to the front page of Google, that unfortunately won't happen overnight. Run from anyone who tells you otherwise.

Yes, it takes patience but it is well worth the wait.


Digital marketing does not exist in a vacuum.

While sprucing up your SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial component to your plan, focusing on one piece of the puzzle won't solve it as a whole.

Rather, digital marketing exists as part of a larger strategy. Each bit needs to be touched and adjusted within the plan.

There are six key pillars of digital marketing required of every strategy:

  • Content

  • Social Media

  • Website Design & Development

  • Branding & Messaging

  • SEO & PPC

  • Email & Outreach

When these six marketing pillars work in sync of one another, beautiful things happen.


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    Ashley Taylor

    Ashley is the co-founder and marketing + tech brain behind Shore to Summit - an education & marketing service platform for real estate professionals.