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We’ve watched as the real estate industry has rapidly changed.




Between the bubble burst & changes in technology our clients were struggling to keep up.

Good people were getting left behind.

So we decided to do something about it.

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My name is Christina & I’m a real estate developer & home inspector in Colorado.

Working in the home improvement sector, I found myself connecting daily with real estate agents frustrated by the current state of things.

Frustrated by the changing industry. Frustrated by technology. Frustrated by the feeling of going at it alone.

It killed me to watch my networks struggle because I knew there was a better way.

What started as quick coffee chats with agents has turned into this - a full scale marketing & educational platform for those struggling in real estate. I use my decade-long experience coaching people to reach their personal goals as the business and personal mindset half of Shore to Summit.

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My name is Ashley and I’m a digital marketer and tech-enthusiast.

My background is in journalism and advertising meaning I know how to tell a good story.

Working in and out of agencies, in-house shops and startups, I learned two things: one, how a well-crafted story sells better than any sales pitch and two, how powerful the web is at amplifying those stories.

I ended up with a number of real estate clients in my career and kept seeing a pattern emerge in those clients: agents pouring money into dead-end campaigns, fragmented strategies that relied too heavily on one leg of marketing with no foundation to back it up. Agents were taught the basics but not the big picture. I knew a little education would go a long way for those willing to give it the old college try so I set about to building a program that would teach agents how to strategically evolve their online presence.

I combine traditional and contemporary marketing tactics with technology to create high-level systems that attract, nurture and convert your desired customers.


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