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Shore to Summit is a web design & marketing studio.

We help businesses position themselves online, connect with their ideal customer & establish systems that keep ’em coming back for more.

Our company is driven by its ability to influence social, environmental and economic impact. Read our Mission Statement to learn more about what inspires us.


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Your nephew's latest cat video has thousands of likes.
Why doesn't your business?

You started a business to leave your mark on the world. Only problem is no one can find you online.

The good news: moving your business online is now more accessible than ever.

But like Regina George’s hair, it’s full of secretsLucky for you we know a thing or two.

{Oh do tell me more!}

Let's bring you online

You already know you should be online.
But do you really know the benefits of being online can spell for your business?

A digital brick & mortar

Going digital is like opening a brick & mortar location — and one with very little overhead to boot.

Boost & automate business revenue

While you run things in the real world, online marketing systems will automate digital sales on your behalf.

Foster loyal customers

Use digital platforms to create lifelong customers that buy from you again and again.


Boca Code

A completely custom marketing solution & business build from ideation to launch

Van, Surf & Skate Expo

A modern spin on the brand of a local classic

I’m Ashley, founder & brand strategist at Shore to Summit

For over 8 years I’ve helped businesses:

This isn’t Fiverr.

No cookie-cutter plans here.

You don’t need a new logo — you need to make money.

{And maybe a new logo, but mostly the money thing}

We use our secret sauce to make your brand stand out:​

Step 1. Gain clarity

Get clear about your business. Before things can even begin, we get clarity on your reasons, audience, target, offerings and goals.

Step 2. Build the foundation

Every project begins at the base level. We focus on the big & small of you business goals — the short & the long game. We want to make sure every single thing we do moves you closer to your goals.

Step 3. Inspired experimentation

Together we build a plan. One that works for the here and now while moving towards those big goals. Execute the journey. Keep the course.

Step 4. Capitalize on performance

We analyze each campaign for strengths and opportunities. Find the pattern. Fortify the strategy. Scale for the next phase.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

- Joe Chernov

Work With Us

This is how we’re currently working with clients.

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Marketing Strategy Overhaul

A months-long 1:1 coaching and done-for-you hybrid designed to build your online presence from scratch or fortify the one you have.

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Web + Brand Design

Our most asked for design service. Your website + branding designed and delivered within a few weeks. This is for those ready to graduate from the DIY route.

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Day Intensives

Tackle that one thing you’ve been putting off and officially get it out of the way for good.

Not sure exactly what you need?

Not to worry, most business owners don’t. That’s why we exist — to help you figure it out.

With a brand-building plan we’ll get you online & boosting sales in no time.